I’m going to be reading from The Sound of Songs Across the Water this summer at several locations:


·      Powell’s in Portland
·      Why There Are Words in Sausalito
·      Skylight Books in Los Angeles


Dates will be posted as they are booked, but all of these readings will be in June. So come see me and say hello — I’ll be reading, signing, and maybe even playing a song or two from the record.


One thought on “Readings

  1. Rob –

    Congrats on the publication of your novel!

    Wish I could be there at Powell’s with you, but I’m stoked that
    you’ll be in L.A. for a reading at Skylight Books. Harriet and I are so there!
    Keep us posted on your L.A. plans. We’d love to hang with you.

    Our good friend Kim had her novel published recently, and we attended her
    reading at Skylight. It was the perfect venue for her, and I think it would
    be the perfect venue for you.

    And Fred did a smashing job on your site. Super cool.

    Hope to see you in June, pal!
    – Peter Grant

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